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Rhea Jarret-Swazy

Rhea Jarrett Sweazy along with her mother Pat Brown are the former owners of "Absolutely Nails" later called "Absolutely Nails & Hair" which they opened 20 years ago in Middletown. Rhea is a single mom to , in her words "a beautiful 24 yr. old daughter, Brittany".

Rhea has been a nail technician for 25 years, 6 of those as an educator. Rhea specializes in sculptured nails only, and offers Acrylic or Gel nails as well as Shellac manicures. She does not believe in the use of drills.

List of services

Sculpted Acrylic Set of Nails

Sculpted Acrylic Refill

Sculpted Gel Set of Nails

Sculpted Gel Refill


French Manicure

Shellac Manicure

Shellac Pedicure